Real-time Location System

A unique product from Mobiki, which supports location tracking with smartphones and location tags. Our patented algorithms work without fingerprinting and without mobile apps - fewer installation efforts, broader smartphone coverage. Asset tracking is enabled through BLE or UWB location tags, with no smartphones required. Use WiBeat devices as location tags for tracking shopping carts, equipment, employees, etc.

RTLS Benefits

-Measure and increase operational efficiency

-Enhance asset management

-Monitor movements of assets and individuals

-Ensure security of premises and assets

-Improve customer service and increase satisfaction

-Optimize the staffing levels required at a particular area

-Simplify the process of rental property rate calculation

RTLS Differentiation

-High location accuracy

-No requirement for a nearby Wi-Fi network

-No need for a mobile application

-Easy to manage RTLS software

-Rich Location Analytics metrics