Indoor Navigation

BLE Beacon-enabled Indoor Navigation

Allows one to locate their real-time position on a mobile map and build a route to a point of interest (the destination point) inside a venue.

Indoor Navigation Benefits

-Increase clients’ location awareness

-Attract customer attention to the most prominent amenities

-Increase product visibility by making it available on a mobile map

-Improve customer experience while visiting your venue

-Relieve the stress of navigating an unknown environment

Indoor Positioning

Indoor Positioning feature identify an accurate location of a user’s smartphone and display it on a mobile map. A visitor may use this data as a Start Point of a route, or in order to familiarize with their surroundings.

Indoor Navigation provides:

-Easy to deploy complete system of pre-integrated hardware and software

-Down to 3 meters (9.8 ft) indoor positioning accuracy

-The unique indoor mapping functionality, which allows the use of the finished floor plans for beacon infrastructure planning and other location-based projects

-Remotely managed BLE beacon infrastructure